Hearpod Hearing Aids Review

Hearpod hearing aids review

A complete Synopsis of Everything Going On With Hearpod, Their Company, And Products

To learn more about direct treatments for your hearing loss, check out our home page on this website. Hearing aids may help you hear, but they aren?t a physical fix.

The Hearpod Hearing Aid Company sets itself apart in a few ways. The company has a deep heritage within the industry because it?s one of the only companies that has all digital tech1. You see, according to their official company website's About Us page, most other manufacturers say that their hearing aids are digital, but really they?re made with analog circuits that are digitally programmed. Every single one that Hearpod makes is completely digital. Another thing that sets them apart is that all of their products are certified by the FDA and pass their standards with flying colors.

For a product to be labeled 100% digital, every single one of the computer chips inside of it must be digital. The reason why digital is so important is that it provides the best sound reproduction and also the most precision way to correct your hearing loss without taking supplements orally or getting a sort of surgery on your ears. Hearpods company is great because all of their products are FDA approved and their lab that everything is researched and produced in is also certified by the FDA for the highest standards of quality, making them one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

To top it off, Hearpod offers a 100% full money back guarantee. They promise that even if none of their current hearing aid models help to improve your hearing, they will give a refund of the entire purchase price.

Hearpod Contact Information:

Repair Center and Main Company Physical Address:
4318 Downtowner Loop N
Suite K
Mobile, Al 36609
Free Phone Support Number: 1-800-851-2414
Fax Number: 1-800-409-5128
Support Email Address: customerservice@myhearpod.com
Official Website http://www.myhearpod.com/

Hearing Aids

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Hearpod Hearing Aid Prices list

1. Invisipod 32X

- $1095 each ($2090 for 1 pair)

2. Invisipod 32x Pre Programmed

- $995 Each ($1890 for 1 pair)

3. Invisipod 4x

- $795 each (Approximately $1450 for 1 pair)

4. Micropod 32x

- $995 each ($1890 for 1 pair)

5. Micropod 32x Pre Programmed

- $895 ($1690 for 1 pair)

6. Micropod 4x

- $695 Each

7. Hearpal

- $700 for 1 pair

All of the Hearpods listed above are completely digital both in the hardware that makes up the physical part of the product and also the computer processing used to program2 their functions. You may order them directly with no middle man to take a commission and add more money to the final price. With the guarantee and the direct from manufacturer prices, you can?t go wrong with ordering from the trusted source.

The Hearpod Styles With Details

Hearpod Hearing Aid Review

In the Ear Style

Fits right inside the ear and is considered a full size device. They fill the entire cavity of the ear and are very apparent to other people while a user is wearing. Some think that this doesn't look as good as other styles.

Behind the Ear Style

The behind-the-ear style includes a casing housing electronic components and the battery with a connector that is guided over the ear and keeps the speaker part inside the ear canal. These are even larger than in the ear models and are considered to have lesser aesthetics.

In the Canal Styles

Right into the ear canal they go. In-the-canal style are not as noticeable as in-the-ear or behind the ear and look a whole lot better. There are sub-styles within this category and they include, mini-canal, the canal, and completely in the canal.

CIC Style

To be considered under the in-the-canal, the completely-in-canal style is the best looking hearing aid device because you can't even look at it when a patient is using it. That's right, the smallest type available and basically invisible.

All Hearpod styles are the top quality and you can go to their official company website that is listed up in the contact details above for more detailed information direct from the source. You should always consult with a registered audiologist that can prescribe you the correct type of hearing aid for your needs. Hearpod also offers warranties and refunds so be sure to ask the customer support about those good deals. Next we go over customer complaints and known issues.

Overall Rating

The Hearpod Hearing Aid brand offers a variety of well-priced, well-manufactured digital hearing aids. The products offered by Hearpod are some of the best in the market for adaptive noise control and feedback control.