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The Information that You Need (updated for 2013):

Are you suffering from hearing loss' If you are, you probably already know much stress and psychological pain this 'invisible' disability causes. Without proper hearing aids, you may find that you feel increasingly 'sealed off' and isolated. Social interactions may become embarrassing, confusing, and unsatisfying.

In many cases, people with untreated hearing loss, such as sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus related hearing loss, end up living life from the sidelines (and missing out on so many fulfilling relationships and career opportunities).

No matter how young or old you are, you should know that high-quality hearing aids will dramatically improve your ability to process sound. For some people with hearing loss, wearing these hearing aids will be all that's needed to restore perfect (or near-perfect) hearing.

To help you learn which brands offer the most benefits, we've reviewed a range of hearing aid manufacturers (and specific hearing aids that they create). When you choose one of these world-class hearing aid providers, you'll access digital hearing aids or analog hearing aids for affordable prices. Our hearing aid ratings are impartial, and they are designed to give you valuable insight as you explore the world of high-tech, ultra-modern hearing aids.

To add even more value to our hearing aid reviews, we've included crucial data about how to find cheap hearing aids (and how to get more information about mid-range and high-end hearing aids prices). Once you've found 2013 products that have affordable costs, you'll be ready to enjoy better hearing that helps you to feel more connected to your own life.

Hearing Aid Ratings: Brands

phonak hearing aids


This hearing aid provider's corporate motto is 'Life is on'. By offering men, women and children access to cutting-edge hearing aids, Phonak provides the sort of assistance that allows hearing aid users to re-engage with the world around them. This international hearing aid manufacturer has a stellar reputation for quality1.

Phonak Bolero Q

Rating - *****

One shining example of a highly-rated hearing aid product produced by Phonak is the innovative Bolero Q behind-the-ear hearing aid. This design is fashion-forward, as hearing aid casings are available in a range of exciting colors. These cases may also be customized for maximum water and dust resistance.

However, the benefits of the Bolero Q don't stop with good looks. When you choose this powerful model, you'll experience far more clarity and volume in the high and low sound ranges, and your new hearing aids will be compatible with remote mics and FM devices. Phonak offers dozens of hearing aid designs at different price points.

Phonak Virto Q

Rating - ****

Phonak offers a new line of very small and unobtrusive hearing aids, known as Virto Q designs. These in-the-ear aids have received plenty of acclaim, due to Phonak's high-tech miniaturization techniques. Practically invisible when being worn, Virto Q hearing aids allow people to look the way that they want to look, while also getting the hearing assistance that they really need. Each Phonak Virto Q hearing aid is available in a range of colors, at a variety of price points. These unique hearing aids may also be customized for different levels of hearing loss. By choosing your favorite color, your preferred power level, and your personal price point, you'll get a perfect match.

Because in-the-air hearing aids are generally not the best choices for severe or profound hearing loss (behind-the-ear hearing aids offer more power), we've marked this particular hearing instrument down in points. However, even though it isn't perfect for everyone, it's certainly a fine choice for many people who are looking for almost-unnoticeable hearing aids that come with tons of technologically-advanced, programmable features.

Phonak's Audeo S Series

Rating - ***

If you're willing to spend a bit more to gain access to great-looking hearing aids that are crafted from the most elegant and refined materials, you'll appreciate what Phonak's Audeo S Series hearing aids have to offer. You may choose from large or small hearing aids, in order to suit your own aesthetics and preferences. One of the most popular styles from this high-tech line of hearing instruments is a hearing aid with an innovative, ceramic housing. Ceramic offers a shiny and sleek look, while also being extremely resistant to scratches.

Available in two price ranges to suit some budgets, these styles may not be the most affordable hearing aids around. However, they do offer ultra-modern style, while also providing users with incredible features and functionality. Features included in the Audeo S Series include Stereo Zoom (for better hearing in noisy situations) and FlexControl (to soften or sharpen sound whenever adjustments are needed).

Another hearing aid available in the Audeo S Series is the Audeo S Mini, which is a very small, behind-the-ear hearing aid. This design comes in eleven colors, allowing owners to customize their hearing aids according to their own tastes.

The last hearing aid in the Audeo S series is the Audeo S Smart, which may be instantly hooked up to a range of electronic devices, including televisions, MP3 players and telephones.

Because these hearing aids aren't super-affordable, we've marked them down in points. However, in terms of sheer performance, these hearing instruments are definitely impressive. Since it will be easy to customize any hearing aid in this series to suit your requirements, you'll find that choosing an Audeo S Series hearing aid may be worth the financial investment that you will need to make. However, if you're on a shoestring budget, these designs may be out of reach.

To get a quote for your preferred model, visit the official Phonak website today, or contact a hearing aid supplier that you trust to find what are your best choices.



Discreet performance is what Oticon hearing aids are all about. If you're searching for a subtle design that isn't too noticeable, you'll love the elegant hearing solutions provided by this respected hearing aid manufacturer2.

Learn about Oticon's Intiga Hearing Aids

Rating - ****

One of this company's most popular hearing aids is its Intiga design, which is practically invisible. This in-the-ear hearing aid will allow users to enjoy better hearing, without letting anyone know that they require hearing aids. If you're self-conscious about your hearing problem, you may find that the Intiga gives you the performance that you need, without being noticeable and intrusive.

Discover the Oticon Chili

Rating - ***

The Oticon Chili hearing aid is made for men, women and children who have severe or profound hearing loss. While hearing aids of this type are often very heavy and chunky, this particular hearing aid is more lightweight, sleek and comfortable. However, it is a still a very powerful BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid, which allows users to enjoy vastly improved speech recognition.

Since the Oticon Chili cuts out background noise very effectively, allowing wearers to concentrate on conversations that they are in (or near), it's a fine choice that is designed to make hearing impaired people more comfortable in social situations.

However, this product isn't really a great choice for everyone. Because it's a noticeable, BTE hearing aid, it won't appeal to people who want invisible, in-the-ear style. In addition, it probably packs too much punch for most people with mild or moderate hearing loss.

Chili hearing aid instruments, like most super-powered hearing aids, will not be inexpensive choices, and that's why we've marked these models down in points. However, because they allow wearers to isolate the speech of their companions, while excluding other types of noise, they are perfect investments for people who need high power, as well as the ability to focus on and understand conversations.

The Oticon Safari is Made for Kids

Rating - *****

If you're looking for a hearing aid that will suit a child, you'll find that the Oticon Safari offers plenty of beneficial features for the price. This particular model is designed to give hearing-impaired children the support that they need to understand conversations more easily (and to excel in their studies and extracurricular activities). Younger children who are still learning to speak (and to recognize words) will enjoy using these powerful hearing aids, which will allow them to capture even low-volume speech in the high and low sound registers.

Giving your child access to more nuances of speech and environmental sound is what the Oticon Safari is all about. Kids who wear these durable hearing aids will be able to make the most of their lives, and they will feel more connected to others.

Prices for cheap, mid-range and high-end Oticon hearing aids will vary. To find a realistic quote, email Oticon directly, or ask a local or online hearing aid provider for pricing information.

costco hearing aids reviews

Costco Hearing Aids

Costco is a big-box retail outlet that also sells Kirkland Signature hearing aids. These behind-the-ear hearing devices and in-the-ear hearing devices feature a range of price points, some of which are markedly more affordable than typical Phonak or Oticon hearing aids. When you choose a Kirkland hearing aid through Costco, expect to pay between five hundred to fifteen hundred dollars, depending on your preferred model. Styles available will resolve or improve hearing difficulties related to mild, moderate and severe hearing loss.

About Costco Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids

Rating - ***

Hearing aid models sold through Costco are cheap hearing aid options, so they are ideal for budget-conscious consumers. When you choose one of the Kirkland Signature designs sold through Costco, you will be accessing high-quality hearing aids that are proven winners. However, when compared with Phonak or Siemens designs, these types of hearing aids may not have the same high-tech, programmable features and superior performance. When it comes to hearing aids, consumers tend to get what they pay for. That's why a five hundred dollar Kirkland Signature hearing aid will tend to give slightly subpar performance, when compared to a high-end design produced by one of the world's premier hearing aid manufacturers3.

Kirkland Signature hearing aids are available for many different levels of hearing loss. However, when it comes to getting a great deal on a Costco hearing aid, it may be wise to stick to models designed to combat mild or moderate hearing loss. In other words, if you have severe to profound hearing loss, you may be better off spending more money (and investing in a Phonak or Siemens hearing aid that offers incredible performance, digital features, and some degree of water resistance). For those with mild or moderate hearing loss, Kirkland Signature designs will probably work very well, without busting budgets.

If you choose a Kirkland Signature model that is worn in the ear, you'll receive a custom-molded design that rests within the ear canal, and also within a portion of the outer ear. Your hearing aid of this type may feature a remote microphone.

Behind-the-ear styles from Costco will be worn in back of the ear, and they will be attached to custom-fitted ear molds. Costco hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled, in order to give the hearing-impaired access to the latest technology. When you buy a Costco hearing aid, you'll receive an affordable package that includes two hearing aids, batteries for these hearing aids, cases, cleaning accessories, and a battery caddy. The team at Costco will work with you to give you premium service as you are fitted with your new hearing aids.
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Lyric hearing aid reviews

The Lyric Hearing Aid

The Lyric Hearing Aid is a popular hearing aid style that uses the ear's unique anatomy to process sound. Since this hearing device is one hundred percent invisible to the naked eye, it may be worn night and day, without making the wearer feel self-conscious. If you want a subtle design that is your secret alone, this style and brand of hearing aid may be just right for you. To get pricing information for the Lyric hearing aid, visit the company's official website, or contact your preferred hearing aid supplier4.

More Facts about the Lyric Hearing Aid

Rating - *****

This hearing aid can't be seen while it's being worn, so it will be your little secret. Since most conventional hearing aids are very noticeable, the Lyric Hearing Aid stands out as an ideal choice for those who seek out hearing assistance that isn't visible to others. The special placement of the Lyric Hearing Aid is the secret of its unobtrusive appearance. However, this type of hearing aid has more to offer than its good looks. Because the Lyric will give you the power to hear so much better, night and day, it's a great, extended-wear hearing aid.

No matter what you are doing from sleeping to taking a shower to working out to chatting on a cell phone, you won't need to remove your Lyric hearing aids in order to enjoy your daily and nightly activities. These hearing aids also offer another important bonus. They don't require batteries, which makes it so easy to enjoy great hearing that doesn't require the expense and hassle of hearing aid batteries (which usually need to be changed frequently).

If you're seeking out truly natural sound quality, you'll find that the Lyric hearing aid offers great performance. Known for its premium sound quality, this innovative design directs sound into the ear canal, without needing a lot of complex settings or programs.

Crafted from high-tech materials that are supple and very soft, the Lyric Hearing Aid product will mold to the shape of the inner ear canal, providing a whole new level of 'invisible' fit and superb performance. When you choose this hearing aid, your audiologist will place it within your ear canal, making sure that it fits just as it should. Once the hearing aid is in place, you'll have the ability to change its volume if you like, and to turn it off and on at will.

Versatile and practical, the Lyric Hearing Aid offers convenient hearing assistance, without a noticeable hearing aid. However, some hearing-impaired persons may shy away from having a hearing aid within their ear canals. In addition, certain hearing-impaired people may not feel comfortable showering and sleeping with their hearing aids on. For those who enjoy the high-tech features and convenience that these types of extended-wear hearing instruments provide, this brand may be an ideal choice.

For more information read our complete Lyric Hearing Aid Review.

Resound hearing aids reviews


Resound is a Denmark-based hearing aid company. This firm produces a range of premium-quality hearing aids, including the Resound Air, the Azure, the Canto 4, and the New Tone. Available in behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles, Resound hearing aids are specially designed to minimize sound obstruction. Certain models will be better for certain purposes. For example, if your goal is understanding speech, the Canto 4 will probably work well for you. Prices for Resound models will vary. The best way to get a realistic quote is to contact Resound directly, or connect with a hearing aid supplier near you5.

Learn about the Resound Azure

Rating - ****

One of Resound's most impressive new designs is the Azure hearing aid, which is designed for hearing-impaired people who are frequently in noisy, urban environments. Whether you're dwelling in a large, bustling city that is filled with environmental noise, or working in a factory or other noise-polluted environment, you'll find that choosing the Azure gives you access to a special directional mechanism that will allow you to focus on speech and cut out unwanted noise.

Known for its 'Tru fit' process, which ensures a custom fit and more comfort during usage, this type of Resound hearing aid is available in different styles, such as behind-the-ear or in-the-canal hearing aids. While Resound hearing aids are not generally viewed as being as good as certain other brands, such as Siemens and Phonak designs (which are commonly perceived as the gold standard for hearing aids), they do offer very good quality (and lots of options) to hearing-impaired consumers.

When you buy a Resound Azure hearing aid, you'll access a two-year warranty.

Other Resound Models to Consider

Resound New Tone

Available in behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles, and it comes with a switch that will allow the wearer to access different sound programs whenever he or she wishes. This useful and convenient mechanism stops a lot of feedback, whistling, and other unwanted noises, which are often generated by hearing aids during usage.

The Resound Metrix

Designed to record sound atmosphere, in order to provide the wearer with better sound recognition.

Resound Pixel

Offers a very clean and crisp sound signature, and it's also very comfortable to wear. A popular choice with those who have never worn hearing aids before, the Pixel provides a natural sound experience that is very pleasant for most wearers.
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Unitron Hearing aid reviews


For almost fifty years, Unitron has produced hearing aids that are designed to make life easier for the hearing-impaired. These high-quality hearing instruments are very advanced in a technological sense, and they come in a variety of styles, such as behind-the-ear and in-the-ear-canal types. Hearing devices produced by Unitron include the Moxi, the Quantum, and the Max. Like most hearing aids, pricing information for Unitron devices is available by request only. However, a Unitron representative or Unitron supplier will be happy to give you quotes for these respected hearing aid designs6.

Discover the Unitron Moxi

Rating - *****

The Unitron Moxi is a compact, visually-appealing hearing aid that offers style, high-end performance, and access to very natural sound quality. For many wearers, this hearing aid is exceptionally comfortable. Lightweight and perfectly shaped, this elegant hearing aid is designed to make it easier to understand the most important things in life, such as speech, laughter and music.

The Moxi is a high-fidelity hearing aid that comes with a range of settings, all of which allow wearers to customize their hearing aids, in order to enjoy superlative speech clarity and noise comfort. Like most impressive hearing aids of this type, this ultra-sensitive model has the ability to block out unwanted noise, while allowing users to focus on understanding vital speech.

Marketed as a low-maintenance hearing aid, the Unitron Moxi tracks your listening situation, in order to adjust its settings automatically. When you choose this design, you may change your settings manually, or let your hearing aids take care of things for you. This sort of versatility and flexibility inevitably adds up to a great hearing experience.

Discover the Unitron Latitude Series

Rating - ****

This series of Unitron hearing instruments provides a range of options that are designed to address different forms of hearing loss. These hearing aids come in basic, mid-range or high-end models to provide expert hearing support at different price points. In other words, whether you want a cheap hearing aid, a mid-range device or a high-end model, you'll be able to find a Latitude hearing aid that fits the bill. Comfortable, very easy to wear, and crafted with all of the latest hearing technology, Latitude hearing aids feature wireless technology for superior ease of use.

When you choose a Latitude hearing aid for your mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, you'll also be able to select your preferred color for a custom, personalized effect. Styles included in the Latitude series include the Latitude 16 (high-end), the Latitude 8 (mid-range) and the Latitude 4 (more affordable and basic).

Features included in certain Latitude Series hearing instruments include binaural phone features that make it possible to enjoy phone conversations in both ears, and wireless technology that provides a balanced listening experience.

These types of hearing instruments will range in price from about 1,300 dollars to about 2,800 dollars, depending on their features.

Siemens hearing aids


For a century, Siemens have produced some of the world's most impressive hearing instruments. If you're looking for a virtually-unparalleled hearing aid brand that is very trustworthy and reputable, you'll enjoy what Siemens has to offer. Along with competitor Phonak, Siemens is one of the most well-known and respected hearing aid manufacturers in the world7.

Learn about the Siemen's Aquaris Hearing Aid

Rating - ****

The latest design produced by this well-known company is the Aquaris, the world's first fully waterproof hearing aid. Perfect for busy lifestyles, this functional design gives users better hearing and more protection from moisture.

If you're sporty and you've been frustrated by conventional hearing aids that are easily damaged by exposure to sweat and other forms of moisture, you'll find that the Aquaris gives you the options and durability that you've been looking for. Ideal for athletes, young people who are very active, and anyone who seeks out very good hearing aid performance that is also water-resistant, the Aquaris offers a whole new level of technology to users. While you may need to pay a bit more for the waterproof features found in this style, you will never need to worry about your hearing aid being damaged by moisture.

Other Appealing Siemens' Hearing Aid Styles

Since Siemens is a very large company, it offers a wide array of appealing hearing instruments, such as behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles.

Siemens Eclipse

A subtle, elegant hearing aid that is meant to be barely visible or totally invisible when being worn. Known for its comfort and its BestSound technology, this type of hearing aid will help wearers to focus on speech, rather than background noise.

The Siemens iMini

An in-the-ear-canal hearing aid that can't be seen while it's being worn. While being very tiny, this exciting hearing aid still offers plenty of amazing features, such as feedback stopper technology. The iMini is available in a range of colors. In addition, this model has a special feature that dampens harsh, loud noises to make them less jarring.

Siemens Motion EZ hearing aid

Available for in-the-ear usage. This automated design doesn't have buttons to push, so using the device will be very simple. Also equipped with BestSound Technology and wireless connectivity, the Siemen's Motion is re-chargeable and very practical. If you're in the market for a cheap hearing aid, and/or you're looking for your very first hearing aid, this design will be a fine choice.
There is also a Siemens Motion model that may be worn behind the ear or in the ear. This higher-end model will be more expensive, but it will have a lot more features for you to enjoy. To decide which model is right for you, speak to your audiologist or another Siemens hearing aid supplier.

If you need tons of power, because you suffer from severe or profound hearing loss, you may find that the Siemens Nitro is perfect for you. Many people with very high levels of hearing loss gain excellent benefits from this powerful hearing aid style. This style is only available for behind-the-ear usage. In general, the worse your level of hearing is, the more that you will benefit from a BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid. Visit our Siemens hearing aids page to read the full review.

Widex hearing aids


Widex is another famous hearing aid manufacturer with a long-standing, positive reputation. This firm produces a range of hearing aid styles at different price points. One of their most impressive new products is the Widex Super, which is designed for severely hard-of-hearing or profoundly hard-of-hearing clients. If you fall into this category, be sure to talk to your audiologist about the potential of this high-tech, powerful hearing aid9.

If you are interested in learning about some other available treatments besides only hearing aids, please check out our hearing loss treatment page.

Learn about Widex Clear Hearing Aids

Rating *****

The Widex hearing aid company is known for its CLEAR hearing aid series. This series features a range of hearing aids that utilize wireless technology. These hearing aids communicate with each other, offering the ultimate in natural sound. In addition, all hearing aids from this range may be used with a variety of wireless accessories.

The CLEAR series has a good reputation for providing very precise sound processing. If you're looking for a hearing aid that helps you to understand human speech, while it also cancels out unwanted noise, you'll find that this sensitive, high-tech hearing aid has all the right stuff.

Please click here to read our complete Widex hearing aids reviews.

Since both hearings aids that you wear communicate with each other, they are able to adjust for a range of situations and atmospheres. The unique feature allows for the ultimate in balanced, binaural hearing. The form of directed hearing provided by these innovative hearing aids offer drivers and other people access to the best hearing possible, no matter which directions their heads are turned to.

This type of hearing aid will cost more than a typical aid, because it offers higher technology. However, if you need two hearing aids, the higher price of a Widex CLEAR hearing aid will be well worth the investment. For people who want to wear just one hearing aid at a time, this style may not be ideal. After all, if you're wearing it in just one ear, you can't take advantage of the technology that it offers.

Different housing colors are available for a customized look. In addition, Widex offers a range of DEX wireless accessories that work beautifully with their CLEAR line of hearing aids.

The Widex Baby 440 Hearing Aid

Rating - *****

Created for infants, the Baby 440 is the world's only hearing aid that is designed especially for babies. Very tiny and very comfortable for babies to wear, this unique design is lightweight. Since your baby won't be bothered by the hearing aid, he or she will be able to wear it for longer periods of time, which will assist him or her in developing as much knowledge of sound (and connections with others) as possible.

Rugged and durable, the Baby 440 is crafted from tough materials that stand up to what babies dish out. Inside the rugged housing, stellar Widex technology is used to give babies' access to the parent's voices and the voices of others. From the very first day of life, this hearing aid will be available to help babies get the most out of life.

Beltone Hearing Aids


Beltone is a Chicago-based hearing aid company, which specialize in producing practical hearing aid styles for men, women and children. Examples of 2013 Beltone hearing aids include invisible-in-the-ear-canal styles and BTE (behind-the-ear) styles. Whether you need help for the mildest hearing loss or very serious hearing loss, you'll find that this brand's designs, which feature Beltone Promise Technology, are fine choices. Prices for these hearing aids may be accessed via official Beltone hearing aid suppliers10.

Beltone Promie Hearing Aids

Rating - ****

Beltone Promise hearing aids are made to mimic the way that ears naturally process sound. As you enter different sound environments every day or night, your hearing aids will communicate with one another, in order to automatically adjust. This type of binaural communication technology will provide wearers with incredibly natural listening experiences.

Crafted with a proprietary microchip, these compact hearings aids are small and quite intuitive. Simple to put on on each morning, these low-maintenance hearing aids will adjust to your surroundings, without manual re-settings. If you're looking for the latest in high-tech hearing aids, you'll really enjoy what the Beltone Promise line of hearing instruments have to offer. These aids are available in behind-the-ear styles and in-the-ear-canal styles.

Discover the Beltone Micro-Invisa Hearing Aid

Rating - ****

If you want to maintain your normal appearance while treating your hearing loss, the Beltone Micro-Invisa may be just right for you. Known as the company's tiniest hearing instrument, this style offers almost unbelievable sound quality, considering its size. Worn in the ear canal, this hearing aid is handcrafted to fit the precise contours of each customer's anatomy. When you choose this model, you'll get superlative fit that is totally comfortable and easy to wear. This high-end hearing aid may cost a bit more than other hearing aids; however, since it offers invisible performance, it's definitely worth the money. While people with very severe or profound hearing loss may benefit from BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids, rather than tiny, invisible models, most people with mild or moderate hearing loss will find that this product is a winner.

Features found in this hearing aid include natural ear directionality, a protective housing that repels moisture and dirt, and whistle-stop, anti-feedback technology. In addition, you may switch to the aid's music mode to get more out of your favorite tunes.

Now that you know more about today's most impressive hearing aids and hearing aid manufacturers, you'll be ready to do some comparison-shopping online. These days, the power of the World Wide Web makes it so easy to find out lots of information about hearing aids and what they can do.

If it's your first time choosing a hearing aid, be sure to work with an audiologist that you trust. You may want to suggest certain brands of models that you've seen here. If you've noticed a hearing aid that really seems right for you, you may be certain that it's available through a supplier in your area. Since different audiologists and hearing aid clinics work with different brands, you must find a clinic or technician who is an official supplier of your preferred brand. Sometimes, hearing aids may be ordered conveniently online. However, the vast majority of shoppers do choose to buy their aids with the assistance of real-life audiologists.

When you choose a great hearing aid that is right for your own level of hearing loss, as well as your budget and lifestyle, you'll become a more confident person. Hearing loss causes shyness and awkwardness; therefore, taking care of the problem is the key to feeling better about yourself, and to getting more from your everyday social interactions. You deserve the best, so don't focus too much on saving money while shopping around. Instead, consider your hearing aids investments in your own relationships and peace of mind. Today's hearing aids work better than ever before, and some of them feature technology that is straight out of a 007 film. If you're stuck with old-fashioned hearing aids, you're missing out on a whole new world of modern hearing technology. Read our hearing aid reviews and ratings, and get a step ahead.

Hearing Aids

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Analog Vs Digital Hearing Aids

Analog Hearing Aids

Analog hearing devices work to amplify the sound being received by the wearer. These models range in size and price, but are generally the cheapest option any company has to offer. As sound is received by the ear from the microphone within, mechanisms in the device begin to balance the noise with automatic gain control, or AGC.

Digital Hearing Aids

If you suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss, then digital hearing aid devices may be the right fit for you. Although they tend to be more expensive, digital hearing aids are more advanced in that they offer a voice/noise differential and even a function that cuts noise off at certain decibels for added hearing protection.

The Best Cheap Hearing Aids

Being hearing impaired can mean that you incur a lot of unwanted costs. Luckily, the business of offering hearing aid options has allowed for competitive prices among the manufacturers of products for the hearing impaired. We at The Hearing Loss Pill personally believe that hearing aids are VERY over priced for what they actually offer. Think about this; the only job of a hearing aid is to amplify sound, but they can cost thousands of dollars each. On the other hand an iPhone, which can perform infinitely more tasks and is far more complex only costs a few hundred dollars. The market is artificially inflated. With that said though, there are a few options.

Finding the best option for your budget is not always easy, especially in the light of the multitude of options before the average shopper.

Cheap Doesn't Have to Mean Poorly Made

- Our first and #1 recommendation for quality cheap hearing aids is the brand "Century Hearing Aids" (click here to visit them). They provide a high quality product, but at a reasonable cost. The cut out the middle-man that most large manufacturers use.

- Next is a company that offers devices that were specially designed by doctors. MDHearing Aids offer options that start at a low $179, and feature devices that are comparable to over 600 different brands.

- Miracle Ear begs you to 'Break the Sound Barrier' with their models. Prices are subject to selected customization options, but the company does offer a 50% off discount on certain models which could calculate to more savings.

- In close competition are the hearing aid devices from Audicus. Their cheapest model, the aJive, starts at $299 and boasts discretion. Their most expensive model is the aSoul at $799; and all the products made from Audicus have a 45 day money back guarantee.

- Beltone, yet another pioneer in the hearing aid market, offers over 80 types of hearing aids; and though their devices may not be as cheap as MDHearing Aids, Beltone does offer a comprehensive warranty and replacement package that could end up saving you tons of money in the long run.

- Starkey was previously reviewed on this site, however their legal team has demanded we remove the information. Unfortunately, large companies often use legal action as a way to control the information people see about their products, and ensure only the information THEY publish ever reaches the consumer.

Types Of Hearing Aids

BTE hearing aids

BTE - Behind the ear

Those with hearing difficulties will tell you that finding the right hearing aid is a tedious battle. With so many options, it's hard to find the right fit. Some choose discretion over power, while others feel as though their hearing devices should work for them. Whichever you choose, there are some things you will want to know about the behind-the-ear options on the market.

BTE Devices Trade Discretion for Power

Sometimes, those with hearing loss or difficulty need more power than can be delivered from the standard in-the-ear, or ITE, device. When this is the case, behind-the-ear, or BTE, options deliver where the competition fails. If discretion is not your main concern, or if you'd like to enjoy a plethora of added features, a BTE device may be the right fit for you.

Getting a BTE Device

Behind-the-ear devices have customizable features such as an array of colors and patterns to choose from; making your battle with hearing loss a bit more fun; and with features like volume control, remote MIC attachments, and FM compatibility, the possibilities are endless. For more information, visit the websites of Phonak, Oticon, or Siemens to name a few.

IIC - Invisible in canal

Invisible hearing aids (invisible in canal) add an entirely new level of discretion to the market. These devices are quite literally completely invisible to the naked eye. They are implanted deep into the ear canal, and must be inserted or removed by a professional. They are not removed, and can be showered with and worn for months on end.

Typical hearing aids are often made from hard plastic, metal and even ceramic. Invisible hearing aids, however, are made from a clear, malleable plastic that is made to custom fit inside the ear canal for the wearer, becoming invisible. While other products boast being virtually invisible, IIC, or invisible-in-the-canal, models are the real deal.

How IIC Devices Compare
With the same capabilities as analog or digital models, IICs can be customized to be compatible with a range of other devices, ensuring you get the most use out of your discretionary choice. There are a few possible downsides to these however.

  • They can be very expensive
  • They usually require annual subscriptions
  • They are generally not the best choice for those with severe hearing loss.

The #1 brand at the moment is the Lyric Hearing Aid.

ITE - In-The-Ear

What is an ITE Device?
In-the-ear, or ITE, devices fit snugly inside the ear canal of the user. Many models are made to appear virtually invisible to onlookers, but are not quite as invisible as the "invisible in canal" models. ITS are not as powerful as behind-the-ear, or BTE, models, but they still devices offer their wearers greatly increased hearing and customizable options. Whether you need a device that has a degree of discretion or you desire more high-tech option that offers power and volume controls, ITE devices can suit your hearing aid needs; and you can even modify the color to make the device even more unnoticeable.

Manufacturers of ITE Hearing Aid Devices
Most companies that specialize in hearing aid devices, digital or analog, are prepared to offer in-the-ear options. Reputable companies such as Phonak (Model Virto Q), Oticon (Model Intiga) and Siemens (Model Eclipse) offer the option of an ITE model, as well as many others. Visit the links above for more information, prices, and deals.