The Science Behind The Hearing Supplement

Helps improve hearing in 79% of patients

The Science behind The Hearing Supplement

How The Hearing Supplement works:


The Hearing Supplement aims to help improve all functions that relate to hearing loss by

1. Optimizing the nerves of the inner ear.

2. Optimizing the brain to better understand “sound”.

3. Preventing harmful molecules that cause hearing loss to increase.

4. Providing compounds that are essential for proper hearing function.

The Inner Ear Nerves:

This is where The Hearing Supplement really stands out.

Poorly functioning auditory nerves are one of the main causes of hearing loss. When the nerves in the inner ear are unable to properly respond to stimuli, this information can not be properly transferred to the brain for processing. If the nerves are not healthy, then no amount of sound amplification can help.

The Hearing Supplement optimizes the inner ear nerves.

The Brain:

The brain is an often neglected essential key for hearing function.

The brain is the “command center” where all processes related to hearing end up, are sorted, and are understood by the body. If the brain is not able to properly process the “sound information” coming from the ear nerves, then nothing will be understood.

A great example of this is sometimes found in hearing aid wearers, who still cannot understand sounds even though they are amplified in their ear. Even though the sounds that are coming in are louder, their brain is not properly interpreting this sound information.

The Hearing Supplement optimizes the brain.

Harmful Molecules:

When many people think of hearing loss happening, they imagine loud noise damaging the tiny hairs (nerves) in the ear. This is only partially correct.

What really happens is that after exposure to loud noises, the bodies response is to release large quantities of harmful molecules. These harmful radicals are what actually break down the fragile hairs. This process can continue throughout ones life without the proper protection.

The Hearing Supplement helps to neutralize these molecules.

Essential Nutrients:

There's a large list of compounds that are essential for your hearing to work properly. Frequently, the body ends up being defecient in many of these essential nutrients. Without these, healthy hearing cannot occur.

The Hearing Supplement provides many of these essential compounds.