Widex Hearing Aid Reviews

Widex Hearing Aid Reviews

We Have the Inside Scoop on Widex hearing aids costs and reasons for the cost

There are many brands of hearing aids but they only assist in hearing artificially. For a complete treatment that helps your physical body hear better, check out our homepage.

The Widex heritage goes deep within the hearing assistance industry because their founders used to work for the Oticon Hearing Aid Brand and broke off to start their own company. The story gets very interesting because both men got fired from their position when the higher managers got wind of their planned defection. On the 30th of November in 1955 Erik Westerman met up with Christian Topholm to discuss things over a bottle of red Martini. After they started downing the bottle more and more they started to get increasingly outlandish with their ideas. After a drunk1 back and forth banter of crazy ideas and trying to figure out exactly what to do, they decided to start their own business. The next morning when they told their wives, they thought they were still drinking! Widex may have started from humorous and humble beginnings, but as you'll see, they are quite a serious company and contender in the whole hearing aid game.
In 2010, Widex opened up their new headquarters in the Allerd Municipallity and it is a very innovative place. The building has more than 800 employees in it, yet it remains wholly CO2-neutral. To accomplish this feat at a building of this size and scale (36,000 square meteres) is an extreme feat of engineering. This simple fact means that Widex is a leader in the hearing industry in terms of energy conservation and environmental social responsibility.

The Widex Company Official Worldwide Contact Information:

Nymoellevej 6
3540 Lynge

Telephone: (+45) 44 35 56 00
Fax machine: (+45) 44 35 56 01

Email: widex@widex.com
Website: http://www.widex.com

Widex Hearing Aid Models

The Super

In-the-ear hearing aids for those with severe up to extreme hearing loss. This style features a very small size while still having a very powerful receiver. An FM receiver2 within allows users t listen t the radio or even class lectures at school.

The Clear

The clear styles are interesting because they have built-in wireless tech that allows both hearing aids to communicate with each other to decipher what exact sounds are coming in both sides. They also have different wireless accessories to enhance the clear line even more.

The Mind

Mind hearing aids are known to be the first to offer a dedicated tone program that's used for managing tinnitus and treatment and also pure relaxation.

The Menu

The menu hearing aid line is popular because of their varied, customizable, and combinable colors, models, and features that are always custom fitted to the needs of the patient.


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The Dream

One of the newest models from Widex is the Dream. Its main claim to fame is a true-to-life sound that gives people an entirely new hearing experience offering them a way to find out exactly what they've been missing in the world.

The Passion

Passion hearing aids have incredible fashion sense and also highly developed technology all rolled into one device. They are acclaimed internationally for combining both looks and high tech.

The Baby440

Hearing aids for babies? Yes they are real, and yes Widex manufactures them. They are small for the baby-sized ear and don't feel uncomfortable for them. Being able to hear is important for babies when they are developing speech.

You may now know all about the Widex styles and the pros and cons of each one. You should always consult a trained and certified professional audiologist so he can recommend the best treatment option for you. Next, we will take a look at the prices so you can further narrow down to your final option as you factor in how each model and style fits with your budget.

Overall Rating

The Hearing Loss Pill teams highly regards the product offerings of Widex International. Extensive selection and advanced technology has help Widex set itself apart in the market.