Resound Hearing Aids Reviews

Resound hearing aids reviews

A Comprehensive Examination of the ReSound Hearing Aid Company

In this day and age, it can be tough living without being able to hear correctly and use the full potential of your ears. Luckily, there are solutions and one of them is right here. Please visit our home page to see our solution to this life-changing problem.

The ReSound company has been around all the way back since 1943 and since then has had a number of successful products and hearing aid breakthroughs throughout their storied history. Resound has its current headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark, which is near the Danish capital of Copenhagen1, and is the leader and part of the GN ReSound group.
The GN ReSound group currently has direct offices and representation in twenty countries across the world and has third party distributors in nearly 50 more countries. They are a truly global brand that has scaled to meet the needs of consumers looking for various high quality in-ear hearing support devises. If GN ReSound group which is among the top providers of diagnostic audiological instrumentation and hearing assist devices in the entire planet earth.

ReSound Contact Information:

GN ReSound A/S
Lautrupbjerg 7
2750 Ballerup

Fax: +45 4575 1119
Phone: +45 4575 1111
Contact Email:
Official Company Website:

They are located in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and even have several locations throughout China and Asia. Truly a global company with a worldwide reach.


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Resound types and Info:

In 2010, the earth's 1st open-source digital microchip, developed by the engineers at Re Sound, set an entirely new precedence for the flexibility that hearing aids could be manufactured and programmed for patient use. When ReSound introduced the AIR hearing aid, it really paved the way for full new hearing instruments that give natural sound and even limit the amount of plugging in the ear canal and the uneasiness that can come with regular hearing aids as they sit in the ear on a day-to-day basis.

Styles and Devices

ReSound Live

A live type of surround sound experience. Extremely rich, full, and superior quality of sound that you cannot find in many other hearing aid styles.

ReSound Verso
It's called binaural fusion that gives a natural hearing effect. Similar to the live, it offers a complete sound that's rich and filters out background noise. A truly natural effect.

ReSound Verso TS
The Verso TS changes the way you manage your Tinnitus, allowing customers to choose from the widest array of models and styles. Included in the technology is the option for wireless connectivity allowing you to stream audio from the TV or phone.

ReSound Alera
The resound alera has some high tech built right into it. One of the technologies is the natueral directionality 2, which is a proprietary digital tech used to optimize the sound fully. This style also includes surround sound and environmental optimizer 2. They use a wireless functionality2 that connects to TVs, phones, radios and even classroom lectures.

ReSound Vea
The resound vea offers an affortable way for you to increase your hearing. It's a basic style but still packs the punch of new technologies integrated. Also water resistant so you don't have to worry when it rains.

ReSound Sparx
An extremele pwerful hearing aid that's not ideal for anything less than extreme hearing loss. It's relatively large, but very comfortable with great sound quality. The output and gain is about 86db of gain and 145db of spl. that's among the strongest of all the models.

ReSound Alera TS
Offers a sound generator that counteracts the effect of tinnitus. Even if you don't have hearing loss, it can help manage your tinnitus problems and keep it in check.

Specialty Hearing Aids
These specialties will be customized for the best fit. No computers or cables, an ideal fix for a person looking for style and comfort taylored to their needs.

Legacy Hearing Aids
These include the Dot squared, Azure, Ziga, Essence, Pulse, and X-plore

There are numerous styles to choose from and it can seem daunting to go through all of them and decide the best one for you. You should consult a registered audiologist before you make any decisions. Looking through the styles and types doesn't offer enough detail even after consulting with a professional. Check out our next section with prices and options so you can find the best fit, both for your needs and your budget.