Oticon Hearing Aids Reviews

oticon hearing aid reviews

The Oticon Hearing Aid Cost May Be Justified

If you?re really looking for a comprehensive and natural way to treat your hearing loss, you may want to check out our homepage here on our site. There are methods to address it both with devices and supplements. The Oticon Corporation was established in 1946 but has its roots dating to 1902 when Hans Demont originally traveled to England to buy a hearing device that would ultimately go on to influence the entire belief system and quality of all Oticon culture and products. As it states on their website, the story starts with a single husband?s passion to enable his spouse to lead a higher quality life that was not influenced by her hearing loss. He wanted to help her and continue to help others in need, that ideal has driven Oticon to become what it is today, from the last century and all the way through for decades to come. Oticon is a successful company1 because of what of their vibrant history as stated above. Their in-ear hearing aids and hearing aid accessories manifest this and the quality shines right through down to the design and implementation from their CEO, to audiologists and hearing aid designers and engineers, to their first line employees.
The company info can be found here if you want to contact them for more comprehensive insight apart from our in-depth review:

Contact Information

A/S Kongebakken 9 2765
Smørum Denmark

Oticon Tel.: +45 3917 7100
Official Fax: +45 3927 7900

Company Email: contact-us@oticon.com

Corporate Website: http://www.oticon.com
Oticon Hearing Aids USA Website: http://www.oticonusa.com/

Oticon Hearing Aid Prices:

The prices for Oticon hearing aids depend on where you are purchasing them from and what sort of deal the website might offer. If they offer an Oticon hearing aids discount then they are possibly cheaper than a regular site that only offers the regular prices of Oticon brand hearing aids. The prices listed below are a general guide for you to compare to other hearing aid brands and other hearing loss treatment alternatives.

Our Oticon Hearing Aid Price List:

Agil & Agil Pro: $2,999

Intiga: $1,799

Acto & Acto Pro: $1,799

Chili: $1,999

Dual Mini: $1,899

Ino & Ino Pro: $1,849

Dual Connect: $2,399

Reading through our hearing aid comparison price list above, you may think that it looks expensive, but think about the gift of being able to hear properly and how much of a blessing that can be as it enriches a person's life. Just like a blind person, a person who is hearing impaired may not be able to see the full vibrance of life2 and everything it has to offer. Can you really put a cost on that?

Hearing Aids

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Styles Explained

miniRITE Style

The mini receiver-in-the-ear is a very popular one because it?s very compact and has many features

miniBTE Style

Mini receiver-in-the-ear behind-the-ear is more discrete than other behind-the-ears but still visible. Because it is BTE it gives a great sound quality while still being compact as a mini.

RITE Style

Receiver-in-the-ear is a bit bigger than the mini receiver-in-the-ear but still extremely compact and discrete

BTE Style

The behind-the-ear is much more powerful than other styles listed above yet it?s still very discrete as it is behind and not in front of the ear.

Power Style

The power provides extra amounts of sound volume and output for severe hearing loss. This style is generally fitted around the ear with a custom fit mold.

CIC Style

Completely-in-the-canal is a very tiny style that that?s nearly invisible and people with a wide ear canal mostly prefer this. The power level makes it not ideal for those with severe hearing loss.

IIC Style

The invisible-in-the-canal is a group of hearing aids that fit right up in your ear canal so that they become nearly invisible to everyone around you in the outside world.

ITE Style

An in-the-ear style hearing aid is easy to use, handle, and an ideal style for many different types of hearing loss.

ITC Style

The in-the-canal hearing aids are more discrete than ITE and fit deeper within the ear. There are multiple types of styles to choose from among our list. Can't decide? Head over to the Oticon site that we displayed above in the contact info and get a better look at what each individual one has to offer. Also confused about the acronyms? Read under each style name for an explanation of what they really mean. We aim to make this the easiest for you so you don't end up with complaints such as the ones that follow.


Oticon hearing aids-review

The complaints about Oticon are not so bad when you break down how large the company is and how much of a customer base it has. They still exist though and, like with any products, their hearing aids have flaws and problems.

Possible Product Flaws

On one complaint website the customer talked about how much the hearing aids kept breaking for them. They had an in the ear type of style and the soft rubber3 tip at the end of the device would break off and stay in their ear canal. This happened to them on three separate occasions and each time they had to get it surgically removed, potentially costing them thousands of extra dollars and also causing them lots of lost time and distress. Can you believe that? Their hearing aids are top quality but still sometimes things go awry. Knowing which of style and device you are purchasing can help you to minimize complaints.

Get Informed on Possible Problems

Also knowing more about the company as you read above will help. Oticon has been involved in antitrust lawsuits before. That is not to say that they are inherently a bad company, but it is important to know facts like that so you do not purchase from corrupt people.